Kerry Comic Con Autograph, Photograph and Signing Information

Guest Autograph, Photograph and Signing Information


General Information

All of our guests are people just like you and I, so there are times they may be away from their table for a break, but do not fret...they mostly return....mostly...

Please remember that the guests may meet hundreds of people a day (and they love meeting their fans) they can sometimes get headaches from constant camera flash or may just be recovering from a cold and won't give you a hug as they don't want to spread anything (or vice versa...yes there is a thing called con flu...) so do not take it personally if you experience any of the above. Every guest we have had at DCC has loved meeting their Irish fans and they enjoy these shows as much as we all do and remember all guests will be present both days unless otherwise stated. Please note that guest appearances are subject to availability. Some may cancel due to work commitments and this is outside of our control.

* Please note any inappropiate behaviour/comments towards guests or staff will result in removal from the event


Autographs can range from 15 Euro to 30 Euro depending on the guest and generally gets you a signed photograph of the guest. Most guests will sign other items (ie. DVD's, props etc) if you bring them and ask nicely. As the event gets closer we will list the price along side each guest. You must follow staff and DCC volunteers instructions and queue in the correct area and pay before your item is signed. VIP Ticket holders have priority queueing in this area.

Please be aware that we do not set the price of autographs. Some guests give discounts if getting multiple signatures on items or signed photographs. If you have more than 5 items to get signed you will be asked to come back after the first 5 are signed or to leave them and collect them from the guest's table later so that others may get signatures.

If you can not attend the event or are working at a stall and can not get an autograph, we will offer a facility where you can pre purchase an autograph and it is sent out to your home address 10 working days after the show. This will be launched closer to the event.


* Please note you do not need a VIP ticket to meet guests, once you have a ticket to the event you can queue for a photoshoot or autograph.


Similar to autographs, sketches from guests are available. The price range is set by the guest, so simply ask them at their table (they don't bite!).

Most guests can do simplified personal sketches at a quick turn around rate (this is to ensure that they do not leave any attendee missing out) but if you wish to have a more detailed piece done, please attempt to contact the guest and artist in advance of the show so that they can dedicate the appropiate time to work on your piece and you may collect it at the show or meet them at the start of the show (i.e Saturday morning or lunch time) so that they can give you an approximate completion time.


Photographs and Photoshoots

Some guests may allow photographs/selfies at their table, some may charge for same, some may not allow please keep it in mind. Should a guest now wish to have photographs taken at a table, for whatever reason, we will have the appropiate signage in place.

You can pre purchase a selection of photo ops for specific guests so you can guarantee you won't miss out! VIP Ticket holders DO NOT have priority queuing in this area.

As the event draws closer we will release a limited number or pre purchase photo ops for specific guests (both standard and themed photo ops) which are pre paid. If you do not wish to pre purchase your photo op then please be aware that queues may be long and that once we hit the end of the designated time for a specific guest we will have to refuse attendees as we can not let the 12pm photoshoot run into the 1pm photoshoot etc.

How it works :

1) Your photo will be taken by a professional photographer.

2) The shot will be taken in front of a backdrop and with lighting to ensure for the best result.

3) You will be standing beside the guest(s) and not leaning over a table.

4) Your picture will be printed on professional photopaper and a digital image is available upon request at a later date via CJ Mobile Studios.

Online payment covers : Cost of print, free access to digital images after the show has ended (please allow lead time of 2/3 weeks for access to digital image), transaction fees and guaranteeing you won't miss out!


**Please note the cost of photoshoot covers a photo with 2 adults and 2 children (for purpose of photoshoots children are Under 18's to accomodate family shoots) + special guest . If you are having a group photo of more than 2 Adults (18+), than the additional people must pay the full price as if it is an additional photoshoot. Only one print provided for every 2 attendees. (i.e a group of 4 get 2 prints). Additional prints cost extra.

Online payment covers : Cost of print, free access to digital images after the show has ended (please allow lead time of 2/3 weeks for access to digital image), transaction fees and guaranteeing you won't miss out!


Comic Con Ireland reserves the right to refuse anyone from taking part in the photo shoot; if payment has already been made then we will refund them. We also reserve the right to change the day and times of the photo shoot if it becomes necessary, subject to guest appearance days. Guests are subject to work and other commitments, and have the right to cancel. If this occurs we will give you the option of changing your photo session or issue a refund. All photos will be printed as soon as your photo is taken in the photo studio, don't forget to pick it up before you leave!Title and ownership, and all rights now and in the future, of and for the photo shoot images remain exclusively with Comic Con Ireland Ltd.Guests appearances are subject to work commitments. Charges will be made for autographs. Photographs of the guests will be available.